Keep Working Perfect Work


“We are running a race for the crown of life. Let us run with patience, laying aside every weight, and the sin which doth so easily beset. Then we shall obtain the crown of life. But we cannot expect to gain the victory if we sit down in Battle Creek and fold our hands, doing nothing for the Master. There is a dearth of workmen. Put on the armor, and let your feet be shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace. Just as soon as God sees that you are ready for work, he will work with you.

I believe there is one here in this congregation, Shireman by name, who has established church after church; and how did he establish them? He went into a field where there was nothing. He was a carpenter. He would build his house, and then call in the people, and hold Bible readings. There he would work till a good, strong church was established. Then did he stand and say, Look at the good work I have done?—No; he would go to another place, and repeat the same thing. This he did over and over again.

Where did this brother get his education?—I will tell you. He got it in the same manner that John the Baptist got his education, when he went into the desert and into the wilderness.


GCB April 8, 1901