Not For Show


The churches are fast being converted to the world. They have beautiful music and splendid decorations. But they are fruitless trees, bearing nothing but leaves. As the Lord unmasked the fig tree, so He will unmask these pretentious hypocrites.

The instruction that has been given me in regard to the buildings to be erected in Washington is that it is not the Lord’s will for an imposing display to be made. The buildings are to show, to believers and to those not of our faith, that not one dollar has been invested in needless display.

Every part of the buildings is to bear witness that we realize that there is before us a great, unworked missionary field, and that the truth is to be established in many places.

If the buildings erected correspond to the truth that we are proclaiming, a telling influence will be exerted on minds. Actions speak louder than words. Say frankly, “God has charged us not to invest a large amount of means in one place, and He has charged us also not to invest means in gratifying the desire for display.” The principles that we are to follow in our work are exemplified in the life of Christ. He was the Majesty of heaven, and yet He worked at a carpenter’s bench. And however lowly His task, it was done with the utmost exactitude.—Letter 83, 1904, pp. 1, 2. (To A. G. Daniells, W. W. Prescott, and Dr. Hare, February 15, 1904.)


6MR 321-322