Mr. T is a carpenter by trade. They have eight children. Mrs. T said, “This preaching we are having is wonderfully different from anything we have ever heard, and the Bible is a new book to us. We seem to be quite slow of understanding, but we think we must keep the Sabbath. It is a very important step. We want to understand it more thoroughly. If it is the truth, what else can we do than to obey?” I told her I would send her Steps to Christ. She said, “Please send us writings that are simple, and easy to be understood, for we are so ignorant in regard to these new and wonderful interpretations of the Scriptures. I am perplexed with the cares of a large family. We are all in good health. Our diet is very simple. We have much to be thankful for, but I am hasty in temper and become impatient when I think my children are doing wrong. Will you pray for me especially, and understand I am thinking and trying to understand my duty?”

We had a most precious season of prayer with the family, and we know that angels of God were in the midst of us. There is help in Jesus for all such souls. These have since come out decided on the truth, with several others.

I have thought of the request of Sister T many times since. She said, “Oh, I want that precious faith that seems so positively necessary for me. Do send me something simple that my mind can grasp, that I can take hold of this faith to believe Jesus is a present help in every time of need.” We find this is the great want of the soul—something that the needy, longing soul can grasp, something easy to be understood. The great reason why many do not lay hold of this truth is that it is so easy. They think they must do some great thing, and that God expects them to go through some wonderful process in order to be converted, but when we present the truth as it is, in its beautiful simplicity, they stand amazed. “Is that all?” they inquire.

We need to make the way of life just as clear as it is in Jesus, that all may see the Way, the Truth, and the Life. Simply to take God at His word seems so easy they hardly dare accept it.


10MR 194-195